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Hosted By Natalie Getz — ABC´s Bachelor Pad Winner — Fashion Image Consultant
She graduated from Columbia College Chicago and majored in Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management with a double minor in Fashion Styling and Fashion Show Production. Natalie is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist/Writer currently working on a couple of well known fashion columns and host to webisodes on fashion rundowns as well as segments on what to wear for dates.

Fashion forward singles is for everyone! Particularly, we are targeting an edgy, original crowd ranging from 18-40. Different from most dating sites, you are not looking to get married...you are just looking for your "best friend" who you may happen to be attracted to. This is an "in the now" site that focuses on helping you meet people who you actually enjoy spending time with. We are here to help you attract your partner through style, charisma, and charm.

Natalie Getz says "So many of us don't understand the extent of style and how it subconsciously guides us in our decision on who we find attractive. It's not vein to admit that style in a partner is important to you! It's a very honest and true fashion statement. For example an artistic, independent music loving guy who dresses vintage grunge more than likely will not be asking out a girl who is wearing Bebe. A fashionista who is ahead of the trend curve more than likely will not be digging on a guy wearing a polo. If you are under the age of 60, polos should not exist in your closet, throw them out immediately. Keep one for golf, however, most golf courses will allow alternatives to the polo. Alright, alright, I guess a guy wearing a polo would attract his type of girl who wears Ann Taylor and clothing from other mall chain clothing stores."

Thanks for turning my dull fashion and love life into a new reality. With Natalie's tips, I transformed myself into a new person and met someone really nice in no time. We like the same things in fashion, food and 'love'! Maybe to soon to say, but I know I'll be a FashionForwardSingles.com fan for life.
Jake P (California)

"I Natalie Getz am here to help you! Register here at Fashion Forward Singles, upgrade and I will give you constant email support. If you are a certain personality type and want to dress to attract your woman or man, write in and I will help! Fashion Forward Singles will constantly be updated with new tips and tricks to help make the best of your wardrobe. I will post affordable websites and stores to shop so that you don't have to break the bank while regaining your cool factor. Need beauty tips as well? I'm here for you. Fashion and beauty goes hand in hand."

Attention Boys! This site is not just for ladies. I will be offering beauty tips surrounding topics such as hair and facial hair styles, hair product, facial products from cleansers to moisturizers, and jewelry. I consider myself a professional dater at this point in my life, so I can give you some legit advice on everything ranging from first dates conversations to when it's okay to ask her out again. I will give you solid advice not only on how to attract your partner through your own, personal style, but also from a conversational standpoint.

Ladies, I know men like the back of my hand.
Men, I know ladies even better.

If you need help or just want me to match you up with a totally rad person in your area, sign up and let it happen!

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